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8318 Pineville-Matthews Rd
Charlotte, NC 28226.

About us

More than just your typical restaurant

At Los Paisas we love what we do! We feel passion for our cuisine and for bringing Colombian flavors to our fellow compatriots. If there’s something we find truly rewarding in what we do it’s reviving childhood memories, tastes and feelings through our food. However, we also love presenting our Colombian taste to new people who have never tried our food before.

We strive to spread our delicious cuisine, flavors, and joy through our dishes! More than just plates of delicious food, Los Paisas is an entire Colombian experience. We transport our customers into Colombia, if only for a few moments. Our restaurant is designed and put in mind to offer this unique experience. One thing is for sure; our staff will always greet you with a smile and with the characteristic kindness of our people!

Our story

Los Paisas was born out of our wish to feature the beauty and tradition of Colombian culture in our community. This is how on July 3rd, 2004, after lots of hard work and effort, Los Paisas was proud to open our doors to the people of Charlotte, North Carolina. Since then we have been happily serving our customer and gaining commercial and cultural acceptance from everyone.

As a result of our great acceptance and after repeated suggestions, Los Paisas opened our second restaurant on February 15th, 2006 with even more trust and support from our customers. Our pride and joy is to bring to your table joy and nostalgia from our country through our dishes. Your support and acceptance are what drives us day after day to grow and follow the beautiful path we have been set on.

Who are “Los Paisas”?

Paisas are perhaps the most characteristic of Colombian subcultures, they are who give Colombia it’s famous personality. Specifically, Paisas are all those who come from the Colombian regions of Antioquia, Caldas, Quindío, north of the Cauca Valley and northeast of Tolima, however, Paisas’ culture has spread with them throughout the world.

So what distinguishes Paisas? Their exuberant way being. You will find no other people in the world that are as joyful, friendly, chatty, kind, full of laughter, hard working or even that love their country and culture as much as Paisas do. This is what we try to reflect through every meal at Los Paisas!